DRH 700     Rail rollers press

• Straightening of second-hand rails achieved in both horizontal and vertical planes in successive passes before reclaiming

• Vertical straightening achieved in vertical plane after tilting process, the rail being laid down on its side

• Six (6) rollers, three rollers at each side of the rail, i.e. one idle movable pressing roller located between two fixed driving rollers

• Each driving roller powered by means of an electric motor driving an angle gear

• The both pressing rollers, mounted onto a common sliding support, and actuated by an hydraulic cylinder, double rod type

• Pressing force, up to 1850 kN (185 t)

• Pressing stroke, up to 400 mm (± 200 mm) in each direction

• Continuous speed of the rail inside the machine, up to 0,25 m/s (15 m/min)

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